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Market Makers Method Trading Course

How long is it going to take before you start making a lot of money from your trading?

What if you were strapped into a trading simulator much like a flight simulator that forced you how to learn the skill of trading?

What if you could gain months of REAL trading experience in a matter of hours?

My 20 years in this business has taught me a thing or two about what it takes to succeed as a trader and I have created a training program that is like no other available in the world today. I have personally set many traders on the road to financial freedom and I can do the same for you.

My approach to training is a simple one. You enter a novice (regardless of your current skill level) and then you are exposed to months of training that will take place over hours.

My training method is built right into my personal trading software as a trading simulator. It’s like being strapped into a flight simulator and learning to fly. Sure you are going to crash the plane, but eventually you will learn how to fly and when you do the world is your oyster.

Why you don’t have a lot of time

It is said that the market is the greatest teacher and that is true. However, that simply takes too long and exposes you to too much risk, both financially and emotionally. If you don’t succeed quickly as a trader then you run the risk of never reaching the level of professionalism that is required.

Where and when to take off, where and when to land

Take off and landing are the skills are that allow us to board a plane and travel the world. As long as our pilot has these skills nailed down we can sit back and relax. Trading is a lot like flying because you as a trader need to know exactly when to take off into the market and exactly when to withdraw from the market. The bit in the middle, the actual flight or the time you are in the market is not that important.

PAT software with the built in simulator teaches you how to trade like a professional pilot flies a plane


I will be showing you step by step how to successfully trade

I will show you exactly how the market makers run their business and how you will tap into that profit stream.

Your will learn how to use an average stop loss of only about 17 pips and you will always be trading to predetermined high profit exit points.

You will not have to learn jargon, technical details or patterns on charts.  There is ONLY ONE THING THAT MATTERS in trading, making money. I can’t for the life of me understand why traders get so caught up in the circus of patterns, indicators, tips and chat rooms.

There is an old saying “the buck stops here” which means:-

‘No excuses will be made, that the action taker is going to take direct responsibility for matters, rather than pass the responsibility to higher authorities.’

Trading success is yours when you take responsibility away from the markets and place it firmly on your own shoulders. YOU are the one who is going to have to take off and land each time you enter and exit the market. I can, through my software and the trading simulator train you how to soar like and eagle as a trader and I can do this in a very short time.

Give me 90 days and I will have you ready to step up to a trading screen KNOWING you are going to make a big success of your trading.


You can can learn all about the market makers method for free on this link here

I have published the complete mechanics behind the market makers method in my book below

“How the market makers extract millions of dollars a day and how you can grab your share” by Martin Cole

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Market Makers Method Book by Martin Cole

How the Market Makers Extract Millions of Dollars a Day and How to Grab Your Share - Martin Cole

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Learning Market Maker Trading with Martin Cole