Imagine starting your life over again but with all the life experience of today. 

It would be a dizzying journey of success and achievement that would leave those around you standing in awe.  They would have no clue where your wisdom, foresight and abilities came from. A sought-after person you would be for sure.

The Billionaire and the backpacker story is inspired by true events. The messages woven through the story will reveal to you the potential for a restart – a reboot of your life. It’s a book that could quite possibly change your life!

The billionaire and the backpack takes you on a captivating journey from the sidewalks of New York to the Peruvian jungle where an ancient ceremony revealed that nothing is without meaning, consequence and maybe even destiny.

Reading this book will expose yourself to the very real possibility of your own life changing story.

A book that could quite possibly change your life.

Martin Cole