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Martin Cole - Author

The rest of your life is about to become the best of your life...

This book reveals the future medium of exchange. Understanding and applying the principle of "Use Value" will see people beating a path to your door. Click on book image to look inside...

A story that subconsciously programmes your mind for success

As you read the story your mind is being programmed for massive change. Many readers just can't work out why after a single reading they experience profound changes and understanding. Click on book image to look inside...

You Will Discover:

  • How to determine the true value of your life going forward

  • The best strategy for your personally

  • How to discover your natural wealth path 

  • A  personal plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest time possible.

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What Others Are Saying

Peter G

Verified Purchaser

"I am Sixty-Nine years old. I have two other books by this Author. The first one (how the market makers extract millions of dollars a day & how to grab your share) Well, Martin Knocked the cover off the ball. It completely changed the way I traded. (Making my share now). The book I am writing this 5 star rating for (How to create the life you were meant to live). The only reason I gave it 5 stars is because they don't allow to give it any more. I am nearly finished and can't not believe what he reveled. Like I said I am 69 and been successful but after reading I realize I could have Knocked the cover off the ball. Thank You Martin Cole"

Vinicius Franco

Verified Purchaser

"I read this book because I know the investment work of Martin Cole. The huge life-enhancing use value he added to omy life through that work made me dive in this book without a doubt that it would be awesome.

Now I know how he could come up with the understanding of the market that he has... This book made a lot of concepts simpler. Concepts that I saw in numerous times in others self-help like books. Things clicked and made sense. I immediately identified rabbits in my life and could slay them without second thought.

It is said that a mind that opens up for new ideas can never go back to its original size. That's what happened to me"

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