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A Real Life Adventure That Will Change Your Life

A real life adventure. A riveting true adventure story that spans the globe from Wall St to the most remote city on the planet deep in the Amazon jungle. Brace yourself for a life-changing ayahuasca adventure. 

A single read could quite possibly change your life.

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Your Best Life - Starts Today

Deep in the Amazon jungle, I couldn't have dreamt the impact this ancient ceremony would have on my life.

Hands shaking, I drank down the Ayahuasca and waited...

My life would never be the same again

A story that will change your life 

Often we can't see the wood for the trees

Our greatest strengths are often right before us. With hindsight, we are blessed to know what we could have or should have done. Today is your opportunity to set your life on a new course by living your best future.

Fear and running away

We live in a world where we are constantly exposed to fears. Many of these fears are completely groundless, BUT they do impact us. Entering the ceremony that night was the most fearful thing I had ever done, but I couldn't run.

Self awareness

You should not need to 'practice' being self-aware. The sense of knowing who you are and where your life is heading should be a natural state of being. Living your daily life with full self awareness is like living in a new world. A world that is full of possibilities and opportunity. This book will take your level of self awareness to new heights.

Self confidence

A low level of self-confidence will place a mental ceiling that you will find difficult to break through. One of the key signs of low self confidence will be poor life choices that can leave you open to manipulation.

A high level of self-confidence will open many doors. This book will reveal where your high level of self confidence is and how to access it at will.

Self esteem

Self-esteem has the power to lock you in a basement or elevate your life to a work of art. When you have high self-esteem, people are drawn to you. People sense that you are on a path to that which they also desire. 

This drawing of people towards you presents you with opportunities to enhance the lives of others. Enhancing the lives of others, is the secret key to creating a level of wealth that you probably can't imagine right now.

Self respect

Self-respect is the stamp of the person with supreme power at their fingertips.

A high level of self-respect automatically moves you onto the fast track.

Self-respect has far-reaching effects and provides powerful personal benefits that open new and exciting opportunities in your life.

Choose your future

We are told to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Don't you feel that sometimes you are choosing what you want from the future based on what others perceive to be worthy, when in reality this is just not you? Here in these pages you will discover the real you and the future direction of your life.

What's going to happen on your journey?

Some of your beliefs will be challenged, others will be destroyed as new beliefs take you into a world of many possibilities. You will discover your future and how your life can be very different from the life you are living now.

Today is the opportunity to live the first day of your new life

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