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Starting a New Life

How to create a new life.
Create a life you want to live.
Create the life you were meant to live.

Starting a new life?

With the world is full of turmoil and uncertainty. There has never been a better time for you to start something new. To start a new life with meaning and value for yourself and those around you. 

Starting a New Life From Scratch 

Start a new life and disappear

What would you disappear from in your new life? Ultimately running away is not a real solution and deep down you know it. The real solution lies in the fact that you are not living the life you want to live - you were meant to live.

This book will show you exactly what to do it to start your new life.

Starting a new life journey

Starting your new life means creating a new future. Your new future must have its own pasts present and future. This truth means that you must find ways to let go of your old future, your old self-image, your old stories.

This book will reveal your new life within the first chapter.

Life Meaning

The meaning of life question is usually asked in the third person: what is the meaning of life? This is the wrong way to ask. Why? Because it's you who is meant to supply the answer for YOU. I don't know the meaning of your life, but I do know that the best way to discovering your answer is to figure out how you can improve the lives of those around you, and in doing you will automatically enhance your own life. With this book you can start today

Starting a new life with no money

The real issues with money is not money of itself. Money is only an exchange medium for the things we might need or want. If you have all that you need, then you could say there is no need for money.

Want on the other hand motivates us and keep us striving, This book will give you the tools to start right away get that which you want from life and doing in such a way as to enhance the lives of others.

Life Frustration

If you feel that life 'should be' a certain way, then life will be frustrating for you. Much of what we perceive as unfairness is often feedback from ourselves. Most jobs will not make you happy, but you can change that when you consciously design your future. This is what this book is about. Designing a life free of frustration because you will have created something centred on who you really are. 

Self actualization

Most things we do don't improve us much -- we just get used to them, or we learn some technique, but we don't change our basic character. 

Self actualization in the context of this book is about creating a new life with the highest self you can be. Your true self. Discovering your personal path is crucial. In this book you will find that path clearly laid out.

Choose your future

We are told to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Don't you feel that sometimes you are choosing what you want from the future based on what others perceive to be worthy, when in reality this is just not you? Here in these pages you will discover the real you and the future direction of your life.

What's going to happen on your journey?

Some of your beliefs will be challenged, others will be destroyed as new beliefs take you into a world of many possibilities. You will discover your future and how your life can be very different from the life you are living now.

Today is the opportunity to live the first day of your new life

You will only know what's round the corner if you take the next step

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